Our Services

 Bessette Financial Services


While developing a customized financial program, we will walk you through a step-by-step process that will help make you feel confident in your decisions during these turbulent times.

Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. We can help you execute a sound financial program utilizing the following products and services:


 Here's how we can help.....

  • 401k rollovers from your current or former employer so you have control of your money
  • IRA rollovers to preserve your retirement nest egg
  • Convert your taxable IRA to a tax-free IRA
  • Beneficiary planning so you don't unintentionally disinherit your grandchildren
  • Retirement strategies for income you can't outlive 
  • Retirement Plans -- 401k, IRA, and ROTH accounts
  • Mutual Funds  -- all the well known fund companies
  • Low Cost Brokerage Accounts
  • Investment Advisory Services -- with proper asset allocation
  • 529 Education Savings Accounts for your children's and grandchildren's college education
  • Tax management  to reduce your current and future tax burden 
  • Estate planning so your money goes to your loved ones, not the IRS 
  • Life Insurance to preserve your family's way of life
  • Life Settlements when you no-longer need that outdated life insurance policy
  • Long Term Care Insurance for your benefit if needed -- if not used,  it's left to your heirs, income tax-free
  • Annuity products